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Technical meeting “Ensuring the right to nationality for every child”


This technical meeting, organized by the Platform on Statelessness of the European Migration Network, aims to analyse the state of play regarding children which are without nationality and risk to become statelessness. The main purpose is to bring together different actors who work in the field (e.g. civil servants, legal practitioners, NGOs involved in the subject) while providing them with in-depth knowledge about policy options, good practices and potential challenges identifying accurately whether the child has or does not have a nationality. Participants are invited to exchange views as actively as possible to maximize the sharing of experience and difficulties encountered on this regard.

The technical meeting “Ensuring the right to nationality for every child” will take place on 7 December 2022 at the European Union House in Tallinn, Estonia (Rävala pst 4). 

Please find the concept note and preliminary agenda below.