New: Overview of Estonian migration statistics 2019-2023


New overview of Migration Statistics 2019–2023 provides answers to the following questions:

● What is Estonia’s population, immigration, emigration and net migration?
● Which foreign country has the most Estonian citizens living there?
● How many visas were issued and to whom and for what purpose?
● How many registrations of short-term employment were made and in what fields?
● Who came to live in Estonia and what were the reasons?
● Who were granted long-term residence permits and the right of permanent residence?
● Where did the foreigners settle?
● Who were granted international protection? How many people received temporary protection in Estonia?
● Who were expelled from Estonia?
● Who became Estonian citizens?
● Who became e-residents?
● How many foreigners participated in the Settle in Estonia programme?
● How has migration to Estonia changed since joining the European Union?