• Inform #3: Maintaining labour migration in essential sectors in times of pandemic

  • Inform #2: Impact of COVID-19 on international students in EU and OECD member states

  • Inform #1: EU and OECD member states responses to managing residence permits and migrant unemployment during the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Inform: Long-term resident status in the EU

  • Inform: How do EU member states treat cases of missing unaccompanied minors?

  • Inform: Policies and practices for the training and support of return counsellors in their role to provide migrants with timely, unbiased and reliable information on return

  • Inform: Policies and practices on outreach and information provision for the return of migrants in EU member states and Norway

  • Inform: Statelessness in the European Union

  • Inform:Migratory Pathways for Start-ups and Innovative Entrepreneurs in the European Union