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  • Labour migration to Estonia continues to grow

    The main migration-related developments of 2018 in Estonia were related to labour migration and the increased involvement of foreign nationals in the labour market. Compared to many other countries in the European Union, Estonia has a rather restrictive immigration policy. However, in the last year, increasing labour demand forced both the public as well as […]

    • Migration policy situation during the change of leadership in the European Union

    • What happens with the beneficiaries of international protection who travel back to their countries of origin?

    • Visa liberalisation – we trust, but verify

Global workplace is here!

EMN annual conference  will be held on 3rd October 2019, in Tallinn and is organised by EMN Estonia, Mainor Ülemiste and Work in Estonia. This conference explores the ways in which companies can better adjust to global workplaces and thrive.  

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Annual Report on Migration and Asylum

Do you want to know about the main developments in the area of migration in 2018?  EMN Migration Network launched the 2018 EMN Annual Report on Migration and Asylum

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Labour Market Integration of Third-Country Nationals in EU Member States

The timely and highly relevant EMN Study on Labour Market Integration of Third-Country Nationals in EU Member States, provides a comprehensive picture based on information collected from 25 countries.

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  • France

    Attraction and retention policies for international startups in France and in the EU

  • Finland

    From Tampere 20 to Tampere 2.0

  • Luksemburg

    Attracting start-up founders and innovative entrepreneurs from third countries

Latest publications

  • 26th EMN Bulletin: Janury 2019 — March 2019

  • Annual Reports on Migration and Asylum Policy 2018

  • Briefing paper (15 ) 2019: Transition of International Students from Higher Education to the Labour market – Best practises from Europe

  • Impact of Visa Liberalisation on Countries of Destination