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  • EMN Estonia relocated to the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences

    Year 2020 has started with some important changes to EMN Estonia. We are now located in the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences in the subdivision of Internal Security Institute. Moreover, a new employee Madli Kaljula, whose education and previous work experience support the activities of EMN Estonia has joined our team. Despite the changes EMN […]

    • EMN mapped the practices used in return and reintegration counselling

    • Current situation of statelessness in Member States and Norway

    • Beneficiaries of international protection travelling to their country of origin: overview of European approaches

Briefing paper (16 ) 2019: Conference “Global Workplace is Here!”

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Migratory Pathways for Start-ups and Innovative Entrepreneurs in the European Union

The latest EMN Migration study explores national policies and practices in EU Member States to attract and retain start-ups and innovative entrepreneurs.

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  • Eesti

    International conference on integration ‘Shared Language: Integration Through Multilingualism’

  • France

    Attraction and retention policies for international startups in France and in the EU

  • Eesti

    Conference “On the border”.

Latest publications

  • Inform: Policies and practices for the training and support of return counsellors in their role to provide migrants with timely, unbiased and reliable information on return

  • Inform: Policies and practices on outreach and information provision for the return of migrants in EU member states and Norway

  • Inform: Statelessness in the European Union

  • 29th EMN Bulletin: October 2019 — December 2019