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  • EMN-OECD Webinar: How does COVID-19 impact international students in EU and OECD member states?

    The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the substantial measures taken by EU and OECD countries to prevent the spread of the virus are having direct and indirect impacts on international students coming to those countries. While the long-term consequences are difficult to predict, the immediate impacts are already visible. For example, the processing of […]

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    • EMN Estonia relocated to the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences

Pathways to Citizenship for Third-Country Nationals in the EU

The latest EMN Migration study provides a comparative overview of recent trends, frameworks and good practices from 25 EU Member States on the acquisition of citizenship for third-country nationals.

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Annual Report on Migration and Asylum 2019

The Annual Report on Migration and Asylum 2019  outlines the most significant political and legislative developments and debates in Member States and Norway and the European Union in 2019 and provides a unique overview of immigration and asylum-related developments.

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Comparative Overview of National Protection Statuses in the EU and Norway

The EMN study provides an overview of national protection statuses since 2010 in the EU Member States and Norway, examining the protection grounds, procedures, key rights and content of protection of each type of status.

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  • EU

    EMN-OECD Webinar “Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on voluntary and forced return procedures and policy responses”

  • Iirimaa

    EMN Ireland/ESRI Online Conference “Supporting Integration: Access to Citizenship in Ireland and the EU”

  • Luksemburg

    Webinar “Missing children in the European Union”

Latest publications

  • Inform #5: Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on voluntary and forced return procedures and policy responses

  • Overview of Estonian Migration Statistics 2014-2018

  • Overview of Migration Statistics 2015-2019

  • Responses to long-term irregularly staying migrants: practices and challenges in EU Member States and Norway