EMN inform: Organising flexible housing in the context of international protection


The inflow of applicants for international protection can be subject to rapid, substantial changes. Together with other factors, this can lead to pressures on the reception systems of EMN Member and Observer Countries, including their capacity to provide housing. To manage changes in demand for housing, countries need to be able to both quickly upscale their capacity to provide accommodation for all those in need, and to downscale, when necessary, for example, by utilising accommodation centres for other purposes. This inform covers the provision of housing to international protection applicants. The housing of other groups (i.e. beneficiaries of international protection and persons whose application for international protection has been rejected as well as beneficiaries of temporary protection) is also included. This is because challenges in the outflow to housing for these groups may impact on the reception capacity for applicants for international protection. Inform was prepared on the basis of contributions from 25 EMN Member and Observer Countries. Inform can be found HERE.