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EMN Germany National Conference “Participation of migrant women: language, work and political involvement”


EMN Germany organizes National Conference on the “Participation of migrant women: language, work and political involvement” on Tuesday 29th November 2022.

The conference is dedicated to the question of how to promote social and political participation of migrant women. Today, migrant women still face challenges and hurdles when it comes to participation in the society. Current studies, for example, show that migrant women are often affected by multiple disadvantages, particularly with regard to employment and acquisition of education, but also in connection with political involvement. Accordingly, gender-specific integration approaches and measures aim to eliminate these disadvantages and barriers to integration.

In three thematic panels, the conference will discuss the areas of language, work and political participation with regard to the needs and challenges of migrant women. Representatives from research and practice will come together to present scientific results as well as integration measures and programmes and to engage in an exchange with the audience. In addition to the German perspective, the conference will also look at the European level and discuss findings and approaches to the integration of migrant women from other European member states.

The event will be held exclusively virtually (Webex platform) in German and English, with simultaneous translation available.

You can register for the conference HERE and find more detailed agenda HERE