EMN selected study topics for 2024


Every year, EMN Member States can propose and vote for study topics. The number of outputs to be selected is 13: up to 3 studies and up to 10 informs.

Topics that were selected for 2024 are the following:


  1. The international dimension of the EU policy to prevent and combat trafficking in human beings and protect the victims of this crime
  2. Family reunification of third-country nationals in the EU: state of play after 20 years of implementation of the Family Reunification Directive
  3. Labour migration in times of labour shortages


  1. New and innovative ways to attract foreign talents into the EU
  2. Governing the accommodation of international protection applicants
  3. Conditions and practice of mutual recognition of expulsion decisions in the Member States of the EU and ways forward
  4. Migration diplomacy: An analysis of policies, negotiation tools and instruments
  5. Access to remedies for international protection applicants
  6. Designing migration strategies
  7. Language support measures for adult beneficiaries of international protection
  8. Access to education for migrant children in the EU
  9. Vocational education and training of beneficiaries of international protection
  10.  Dispersal of international protection applicants and relationship management with local communities