Conference of EMN Estonia “Rethinking migration: Addressing the need for innovation in the field of migration and asylum”


As trends and patterns of global migration are changing, countries around the world are seeking out innovative ways to manage migration better and to balance the needs of labour markets with long-term goals of social cohesion, social security and humanitarian concerns. Although innovation in the field of migration and asylum can take many shapes and forms, this conference focuses on the creation of innovative migratory pathways and the adoption of new technologies to address the changing realities of migration and asylum.  

The conference of EMN Estonia takes place on 27 January 2022 and consists of two sessions. The first session of ‘Rethinking Migration’ conference explores innovative policies in the field of migration, specifically the introduction of talent and skills mobility partnerships and other innovative pathways to create a “triple-win situation” for countries of origin, destination, and the migrants themselves. The aim of such partnerships is to provide a comprehensive framework to better address labour shortages and match skills needs between the EU and third countries, while at the same time engaging third countries strategically on migration. Talent partnerships also occupy a central role in ‘The New Pact on Migration and Asylum’. Additionally, other interesting examples of innovative work-related pathways like digital nomad visas are explored as well.  

Alongside policy innovations, there have been significant changes in the tools used in migration management. The use of new technologies has been growing substantially over the last decades, altering nearly every sphere of human life, including migration and asylum management. The global Covid-19 pandemic, however, accelerated the speed of digital transformations in the field of migration and asylum globally. The second session of the conference focuses on the possibilities of using digitalisation and AI in migration management. 

EMN Estonia Conference is a hybrid event taking place in Tallinn and online via interactive Worksup environment. The conference aims to bring together policy-makers, representatives from EU Institutions/Agencies, practitioners, academics and experts from Member States and beyond. 

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