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EMN-OECD Webinar “The impact of COVID-19 on remittances in EU and OECD countries”


On 1st of December (15.00-16.30 Estonian time) a webinar in cooperation of EMN and OECD on the topic of “The impact of COVID-19 on remittances in EU and OECD countries” will be held.

The webinar is part of a five-part webinar series. In each webinar an inform created in collaboration between EMN and OECD and related to impacts of COVID-19 pandemic to migration will be presented. The informs will focus on the measures taken at national and EU level in response to COVID-19 and their impacts on migration to address the negative consequences of the pandemic. The inform presented this time will focus on remittances.

To participate in the webinar you must register here. The webinar will be carried out via WebEx and can be accessed directly through your browser, following the link received.

The official language of the webinar is English.