EMN Estonia relocated to the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences


Year 2020 has started with some important changes to EMN Estonia. We are now located in the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences in the subdivision of Internal Security Institute. Moreover, a new employee Madli Kaljula, whose education and previous work experience support the activities of EMN Estonia has joined our team.

Despite the changes EMN Estonia continues with its routine work – gathering and analysing information on the field of migration and asylum as well as distributing this acquired information to wider public.

We will continue with putting together and presenting annual reports on migration and asylum policy, research and statistics as well ad hoc queries. Multiple EMN working groups on topics such as return, statistics, statelessness and glossaries among others continue working actively as well. Just as in previous years you can contact us when you need quick, timely and comparable information regarding the field of migration and asylum (in Member States and Norway). Other member states of EMN are also actively using this opportunity. Over the years EMN Estonia has gathered an impressive amount of information regarding migration and asylum policy in EU member states and Norway. Ad hoc queries gathered throughout the years together with answers can be found on our website under the publications section.